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Welcome to Wired Photography!

Mariposa County, CA -  "The Mother of All Counties" -  is a remarkable place!  

With its unparalleled natural beauty (home to Yosemite National Park) and its "colorful" Gold Rush-era, pioneering heritage, Mariposa may be a historian's dream - but it is a photographer's "Mother Lode"!

For nearly 20 years I've tried to capture the essence of Mariposa's Old West spirit - its historical sites, architecture, and a way of life that has persevered for generations; each is ever-threatened by the passage of time, "progress", and Mother Nature, herself.   

The effort to photo-document Mariposa's heritage - the crumbling, rock walls of Catheys Valley and Hornitos, the century-and-a-half-old barns found throughout the county, the majestic oaks and towering pine trees silently at war with drought and beetles - has become my passion.  But it truly is a "race against time"...

Wired Photography:  

Chasing sunsets and dreams and ghosts of a golden past.

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Why Wired?

As a special education teacher, I commuted 100 miles/day for over 16 years.  Often, the only daylight I would see was sunrise and sunset (but often not on the same day)!  Over time, I came to enjoy the solitude of my rural commute and to appreciate the ever-changing lighting and colors of the unspoiled landscape.  I finally understood about the "Golden Hour" in photography.   One evening, I pulled off the road on Guadalupe Grade in Mariposa County to experience one of the most brilliant and evolving sunsets I'd ever seen!   Quite by accident, I shot a few frames through the barbed wire fencing on the hillside, catching an interesting "look".  "Wired at Sunset" became a theme for me that would eventually evolve into Wired Photography!

"Mission" Statement

I didn't start out to photo-document Mariposa County.  However - after watching 150-year old barns collapse before I managed to "shoot" them, seeing post-and-wire fencing being replaced with poly-vinyl, never-have-to-paint-it railing, and witnessing the displacement of Chinese-built, Gold Rush-era rock walls to make room for fiber optics - I became somewhat obsessed with trying to "capture" Mariposa before it quietly disappeared...

As a result of the recent Detwiler Fire, many of the scenic vistas we all have taken for granted are simply gone.  The scenery that was once breathtaking now just takes your breath away!  I have a renewed appreciation for the land that was, and great hope for what it will, again, become.

Why Now?

Why is it so important to me to get this site up and running?

2017 has been one tough year for Mariposa County: In January and February, torrential rains - after years of drought - created raging rivers of water, mud, and debris.  Many Mariposans lost the access roads, driveways, and bridges to their homes and businesses, as well as personal belongings and commercial inventory.  In July, the devastating Detwiler Fire devoured the county, burning homes and ranches to the ground, displacing families, and completely obliterating the very scenery that has inspired so many (myself included).  

As this county rises from the ashes - literally - it is important that we celebrate the things that give us both pleasure and peace.  I think the images of Wired Photography celebrate the beauty, heritage, and fierce determination of Mariposa County.


Thank you, Mariposa!

Wired Photography would like to thank all of our Mariposa friends and family who came out to support us at the CASA Summer Fun Street Fair! Great food, amazing live music, and a perfect blend of locals and not-so-locals! So great to see so many friends in attendance to support Wired Photography and all of Mariposa.         


Upcoming Events

We are very pleased to announce the participation of Wired Photography as an artisan vendor on the 2017 Sierra Art Trails Studio and Home Tour, Friday, Sept. 29 through Sunday, October 1, 2017.  This is our second year with S.A.T., and we are looking forward to being a part of this epic art-event.    Being able to share with others the natural beauty and diverse landscape of Mariposa County through photography - and telling the back-stories behind the photos -  provides us with a great opportunity to connect with Mariposans and with visitors to our County.  

Please join us at the 1850 Bar and Grill to check out our display - and the restaurant's spectacular culinary offerings!

Come hungry!

For more information on Sierra Art Trails, contact us!